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Aoife's Bubbles

A letter from Aoifes Mummy

A Letter To Aoife

To my Effie Pie,

Where can I start? I never thought in a million years I would ever be writing this letter, you should be here with us, being wild and feral.

We have had the most fun filled and loving 3 years, I feel right now, from the words of your fav song (The Scientist by Coldplay) “Nobody said it was easy, It’s such a shame for us to part, Nobody said it was easy, No one ever said it would be this hard, oh take me back to the start” and that is where this letter will start.

You were a surprise from the very beginning, I wasn’t meant to be able to get pregnant and there you were… perfectly formed. The terrible sickness? Just a bad case of food poisoning! The bigger belly? I was just putting on a bit of weight! To find out I was actually pregnant with you darling, was the happiest day of my life. The biggest shock I have to say, but none the less – you made me complete from that moment and changed the world as I knew it forever and ever. I never ever dreamt I could be that happy.

To be honest, from the start you never did make things easy! We went through gestational diabetes and our consultant decided it was best Mummy was induced to get you out, but you didn’t care much for that and you were born by emergency c section at 9:09pm on 21st January 2016. The moment you arrived, Cousin Chloe beamed “She is ginger” and I was elated, mainly because I knew Aunty Kezzy would be ever so jealous I had created the perfect ginger Queen.

From that moment, you and I were joined at the hip. Pie, you have me wrapped around your little finger.

You started talking very early, at 6 months. You are the brightest button, the most intelligent person I know. You grasped talking so easily and spoke better than most people.

From the very start we always had Argy pony, your big fat fella and you came to work with me every day at the stables. You would sit in your pushchair, on a hot water bottle while we worked away. We even rescued horses together Effie!

And then one day, when you was barely walking – we saw an advert for Bubbles and I just knew she was meant to be part of our family. So we went together, got her, brought her home and that is where your love story with Bubbles began.

You loved being on the farm, jumping in the muddy puddles and riding on Argy and Poopurt. But when Bubbles came you could do the riding by yourself and you always mucked out Bubbles stable, you loved to make her feed and change her water. Bubbles and you have an undeniable and unbreakable bond and that is why Bubbles is helping to spread your story and help to bring you justice.

Aside from Bubbles, you absolutely love your friends and family. It goes without saying that you and I are completely inseparable, you really will always be Mummy’s best friend.

Going on holiday with you at any chance we got was always a real big must, we had so many adventures together we most recently went to Thomas Land and we had the time of our lives. You absolutely love it there and when you finished treatment you wanted to go back and ride all the Thomas rides again. Last year we went to Alton Towers and you met Hey Duggee and rode on Iggle Piggles boat! We even went yearly to Iggle Piggles house and watched In the Night Garden.

 However, your real true passion is Paw Patrol and like Skye “This pups got to fly” you are now busy being a hero with your wings, just like Skye. She is with you, keeping you safe and I am so glad you took her with you. You made Mothers day so special this year on our trip to build a bear to build your very own talking Skye, you couldn’t have been more proud.

Your real hero though is Queen Elsa, demanding everyone called you as such “I am not Effie, I am Queen Elsa”. We snuggled in my bed every night and watched Frozen, perhaps once or twice. Before completely snuggling down together, while you demanded that I rubbed your back until you fell to sleep.

You are the most kind little person anyone could wish to ever meet, your kindness shone through. Everyone knows it, everyone can see it. Your kindness is bringing so much to the world, you are still making huge changes and helping to save more young lives. You really are a superhero, a real life one!

I have written about your courage, but you truly have the heart of a lion and the bravery of one. Your wild ginger mane resembles a lion so clearly. You were never afraid to be yourself and we all love you endless amount for it. You would always pick out your own outfits Pie, you were never a ‘girly girl’. Your outfits match your spirit, carefree and running wild. I always think about your mismatched tops and leggings, your sparkly flashing wellies and your love to team different patterns. This is you and only you. Only you Pie could pull off your look, I am so proud. You’ve taught me courage, to stand up and be counted.

I have to say Aoife, your temper is second to none. You are so witty and quick to respond, I often wonder where you get it from. The things you come out with I have no idea where they come from or how you have the ability at 3, to think on your feet as you do. I really am so proud you are a warrior and as such, I won’t stop pushing for your justice.

Your judge of character Pie is spot on, there is so much Mummy could say here. All I will say is that justice is inevitable as I just simply will not stop. No matter what battle I have to fight, with you and for you – we will win with one gigantic ‘punch’.

So for now Effie Pie, until I get my special ticket on concord to heaven, I will stay strong for you. But please come and visit me all the time and leave your little signs.

I love you now, I love you then and I will love you forever and ever.


Mummy xxx

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