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3 Peaks

I promised Effie I would blow her the biggest kiss as I got close to Heaven on Snowdon. I blew her the biggest kiss I could muster, then I blew one for each of the gold geese I know about and then I blew a double kiss for all the children affected by cancer.

These Disney's princesses are heros and I don't think they realise how much so they are.

Step by step, mile by mile we will make huge changes.

Aoife - I took teddy 💜 I took your crystal 💜 and I thought of you every step so far. Your love is what enables everything. You are, with all your gold friends with you and all of them here our heros. We love you.

All 3 mountains done in 24 hours. What legends 💜

This wouldn't have been possible without our driver Grandad Pat.

I am so unbelievably proud, honoured and truly flipping overwhelmed so I'll just keep this post short.

Aoife, I told you this weekend I would get as close to heaven as possible. Missing you is a total understatement, we should have been bringing you home today after your final cycle of chemotherapy. You should be here. You were failed then but I promise you won't be failed by anyone ever again, your justice is coming and your story is saving lives. YOU are the true meaning and definition of superhero and YOU are Queen Elsa.

With the BIGGEST thanks and so much love to this whole entire team - we managed to raise a huge £5,750 for Aoife's Bubbles 🦋 by climbing the welsh 3 peaks in 24 hours.

The team have big ideas in mind for the next challenge...

This is going directly to raise Germ Cell Cancer awareness & to provide acts of joy and respite to those children and their families on their cancer journey.

Effie - I promised I wouldn't let your light dull. I promised you that your courage would change the world and it is.

With all my love,

Your Mummy xxxxxxx

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