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The word hero springs to mind whenever I see Aoife, when I close my eyes - this is how I remember my beautiful little girl. Healthy, covered in mud, cheesy grin and wearing one of her many pairs of wellies.

Aoife is a real life superhero, she knew it then and we all know it now. Aoife's story will save lives and we need Bubbles help to tell it.

Please, please share Aoifes Bubbles page. Our story needs to be heard.

Germ Cell Cancer, had you heard of this particular cancer? Just a little fact, even in late stages Germ Cell Cancer has an extremely high recovery rate in children and is extremely reactive to chemotherapy. However, because of Aoife's constant, fatal diagnosis of common childhood constipation, her fair chance was completely robbed from her. Which is why I'm standing strong and making sure her story is heard, so Aoife makes sure this never ever happens to another family. This is Aoife's justice.

As always, my last words are to and for Aoife.

I know now more than ever I am fighting for you, I will keep doing one small step at a time just for you. You are my hero, my soulmate, my everything. I'll make sure your name shines so bright, everyone will see it.

Love you forever and always. Your Mummy xxxxxxx

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