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Your Grandad Pat always taught me Effie Pie that the world has 2 types of people. Those who talk about doing something & those who do it 💜

For you my darling, I'm doing it. My actions are all for you. I have always said, if you can be anything be kind and actions speak louder than any words.

So for you my darling Pie, I will continue to fight for your justice. My love for you will never ever end, our bond is unbreakable and stronger than anything else on this planet.

I miss you with every second of everyday, there is nothing in my mind ever but you. Tomorrow i will wake up and continue to fight for everything you deserve, I love you for ever and infinity and more and more and more.

With all my love, with everything I have for you Queen Elsa.

Your Mummy forever and always 💜❄💜 Xxxxxxx

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