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Today Effie Pie, I am angry. So very angry for you, so to all our lovely supporters and donators I am sorry for my truly honest post this time…

Cancer, where do I start? You stole my baby; you went undetected and played your menacing game with her. You used your rarity to win your war on Aoife’s body, but Germ Cell Cancer – I am coming for you. I will make sure everyone knows who you are, what you do and how we can stop you in your tracks. Aoife is a super hero; Aoife will use her story through us to end war Germ Cell.

One thing I always taught Aoife was to be kind, I never made her do anything she didn’t want to do (you couldn’t anyway!), I never forced her to be anything she wasn’t but I did make sure Aoife was kind.

Grief really is a funny thing, but on this scale it’s unbearable. I do not wish to be kind most of the time now but I really want to be for Aoife. To carry on showing her what kindness means in this world. We have experienced such kindness since Aoife’s passing; I have also experienced the most insensitive side of human nature and selfishness in this time as well. It goes hand in hand, a doubled edged sword. Nothing that can ever happen, will ever touch the loss of your child and I find myself totally frustrated that even the people closest to you can try to understand that and seemingly put their own needs before that of Aoife?

Grieving for the loss of my Aoife isn’t something I ever thought I would have to do; it really isn’t something any parent should have to do. It is something I will carry with me for as long as I am in the world and walking on this planet, a pain only other parents who are walking the same path can understand.

So to you Aoife, as always my final words are for you.

I might be angry, but this isn’t with you my Queen. This is for you; I will turn this anger into positive force for change to make sure your legacy as a superhero lives on. I will always have you are the forefront of my mind, I will always wear your heart on mine. I love you indescribable amounts, what I would do for you knows no ends. You are my driving force, you are incredible and you are the kindest person I have ever known.

Love you forever, I love you then, I love you now. Love, Your Mummy forever and an eternity xxxxxxx

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