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Aoife's Funday

Completely and utterly blown away... team Aoife's Bubbles smashed it today. A grand total of £4941 raised... I simply can't believe the generosity, the hard work, the determination and the love for Aoife and her Bubbles.

We've got the best team possible for Aoife and what a privilege to call these people our family. Aoife's Funday was exactly that, to see her little friends and family in one room enjoying her day was just phenomenal. I stumbled over my words today but that is truly due to be completely overwhelmed, Kellie created Effie Pie... our little pie. Pi is infinity and that's exactly what Effie is, we love her infinity, she will live on for infinity and she will make an infinite amount of change. So Kellie, we couldn't have done today without you and Effie and I couldn't have ever coped without you. You are truly one in a million and we are family for infinity. Cara and Chloe - the best girlfriends and family we could ever wish for. You both make us smile on our darkest days and will forever be united. For everyone who attended, donated, sponsored, baked and helped. You are helping Effie to make her huge changes. Effie my final words are always to you - I love you infinity Pie. I know you can hear me, I just know it and to hear so many stories of you today has just made my heart burst with pride. You are amazing. Love your Mummy xxxxxxx

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