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Francesca Sio

I am honestly trying to find the right words to do this post justice and to get this post right, to make sure that the message is clear. Very, very clear. This is not coming from a place of bitterness, anger or resentment but for a huge force for justice, change and accountability.

I was sent the following link from my Dad, Pat Flanagan - Effie's Grandad.

I need to pass on my warmest love to Francesca's Mum and Dad, I am so sorry this has also happened to such a beautiful and innocent little angel. I can't speak for them, I am just so sorry.

Francesca's story is a mirror image to Aoife's story. Dismissed by the people we routinely trust with our children's health. Again, this is completely my opinion and I take full responsibility for this opinion. Aoife also attended the same hospital as Francesca (Aoife also attended her own GP and a different A&E) and for me, 2 little girls passing away 2 years within each other, same age, same symptoms, same illness, same borough - is NOT a rarity.

For the reasons given as 'bad luck' and 'rare' is absolutely disgraceful. I put it to the healthcare profession, you are ill educated and flippant. You assumed that our angels were constipated, yet they had aggressive cancer rampaging through their bodies. We trusted you and you dismissed us. You let our little princesses down. They have paid the ultimate price, they are innocent.

Personally, I want to be dignified and I want positive change. But from a point of view as a Mum, as Aoife's Mum - I am so angry. So very very angry and more than ever, I will NOT stop. I am getting justice for Aoife and for every angel like Francesca who have been failed by the people we are told to trust with our children's health.

My last word is always to Aoife but today I would like my words to be to Aoife and Francesca, both Disney princess loving 3 year old angels.

Quite simply you beautiful angels, we love you. We love you today, we love you then and we will love you forever and ever.


Aoife's Mummy


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My absolute deepest condolences on your loss of this beautiful child. 💔

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