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Germ Cell Cancer

Had you heard of Germ Cell Cancer? We certainly hadn’t.

Germ Cell Cancer is a rare childhood cancer, but although it is rare – this cancer is very real. What happened to Aoife is a rarity, but if it can happen to our beautiful, feisty courageous little firecracker. It can happen to anyone. So, we are on a mission for Aoife. A mission to make sure everyone and we mean everyone, has heard of Germ Cell Cancer, what it is, what the symptoms are and what to ask your GP if you are worried about your child.

Germ Cells are in all of us, we all have Germ Cells in our ovaries or our testis. However, during a child’s development some of this little cells can become a little frantic, become abnormal and produce a tumour. This usually happens in the ovaries or testis but can also form in the abdomen, chest, lower spine or brain.

The thing about Germ Cell Cancer is that (with any cancer, but this cancer in particular) if caught early the curative rate following treatment is amazingly high. Yet, despite this information and my protests with my GP and hospital, Aoife’s cancer was missed. What would have given Aoife a fairer chance in the fight for her life? A simple blood test.

So, while we are fighting for the medical profession to acknowledge their failings and to make sure better care is taken when children are presenting at their GPs, not just with Germ Cell Cancer but childhood cancer as a whole – as a parent, be aware of the symptoms. Aoife had repeated infections with her ears and throat, she had constipation and she had lost weight. Do not feel like you can’t take a stand, that you can’t ask and demand further tests.

We must always acknowledge the amazing staff at Great Ormond Street – quite simply the most amazing place on this planet full of the most incredible people. Thank you for loving Aoife then and for continuing to love her now.

Germ Cell Cancer, we are coming for you.

Aoife – as ever, my final words are all for you. We all miss you more than any words can ever say, miss doesn’t even cover it nor does it give the feeling any justice. But, what I can say is we have fire in our bellies. The fire is for you; fire for what is right and fire for your justice. We have the best standing united with us, for you. Your charity is already taking huge momentum and your story is changing lives all over the world, you truly are a superhero saving lives. We love you with every fiber and every ounce of everything we have.

With all my love, Your Mummy, for then, for now and forever and ever Queen Elsa. xxxxxxx

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