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Gold Geese

Today we met with the most amazing human - Katie the superhuman that created Gold Geese. The most amazing charity who support children with cancer within Southend on Sea.

I am actually exhausted, we laughed, we cried and a certain Grandad got a little angry but what a truly amazing afternoon. Katie promised she isn't going to stop, I promised I am not going to stop and we have the same goals in mind.

The message is clear of the Gold Geese is clear - Know the signs and symptoms. There are countless types of childhood cancer and we are consistently told that it is rare. Of course it is, but just because something is rare doesn't mean it isn't real. If it can happen to our babies, it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Don't be worried to question your GP and ask for further tests, don't be scared to stand your ground where your child's health is concerned.

Aoife - my final words are always for you but tonight they are for you, for all the children with you in the sky and for all the children fighting. We won't stop, not today, not tomorrow or even in 20 years time. We will make these changes.

I love you forever and always.

Always your Mummy,


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