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Grandad's Girl

Aoife- the warrior princess and Irish beauty.

Where can I start with this one? Your grandad dotes on you, he absolutely adores all his grand girls wholeheartedly without any shadow of any doubt.

Aoife you stole his heart and you stole my place with Pat, but that was ok. Whether you were demanding a mammoth trampoline session with him, drinking beer together (just the odd sip!) Or having your cuds, it is clear too see where you got your Irish charm from. Your firey red hair and the pale porcelain skin a true Irish beauty.

Your Grandad Pat promised you with Mummy that he would get your justice, I couldn't think of a stronger person to have standing with us for you to get that justice. You know what your Grandad is like and for you my Queen, he will do anything.

So much so, your Pat is going to be doing plenty of punching (watch this space for the boxing match of the year!) With his gloves on and with his words.

To your Grandad Pat - thank you doesn't seem right. Thank you for being there when Effie needed her grandad most, for being the constant Male in her life from day 1 and for treating her like the Queen she truly is.

And for you Aoife - our hearts ache for you. It's that simple. With all my love Your Mummy xxxxxxx

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