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Just a little update

As September is drawing to a close and I haven't put a blog on the website for a little while, I thought this is the perfect time.

September 2020 has been extremely bittersweet. We've done so much, but Aoife has missed out on so much. Aoife should have been starting reception at school this year, instead we hung banners, posters, butterflies and ribbons in her memory. We met the Mayor of Bromley, the MP for Orpington and of course our very own MP for Biggin Hill Melanie Stevens has been nothing short of amazing.

The local Biggin Hill community have been incredible and have turned out to support us at every available opportunity. So much love has been shown for Aoife and the support for the mission she has left us all with is second to none. I really feel a huge tangible difference is being made.

We've handed out 1,000's of awareness leaflets, started new projects, continued supporting children in treatment and fundraised hard for our research project with the ICR. We've held awareness stands in Kent and Essex and we've spoken to as many people as possible to educate them and empower parents with vital, life saving knowledge.

Looking back over the last 16 months is a whirlwind, 16 months ago we still didn't know Aoife had cancer. We didn't know the turmoil we were about to face in the week ahead, that Aoife would be so cruelly taken from us, that we would start this little charity to send gifts and raise awareness. We never, ever imagined the momentum we would take and all the things we would achieve for Aoife is such a small space of time.

Of course, the 'credit' doesn't belong to me (Eilish, Aoife's Mummy) it belongs with my team at Aoife's Bubbles, it belongs with the supporters, it belongs with my angel Mummy friends who give the world so much strength and above all else, it belongs to Aoife and her heavenly friends. They paid the ultimate price, they deserved more.

When you hear your child has cancer, the world crumbles at your feet. Seeing the sheer bravery of these children changes you, seeing the suffering will never leave. Seeing your child leave for heaven at the hands of cancer... well, I've got no words for that. All I can really say is, our children define bravery and courage.

So, I must use my voice. For the better. So what happened to Aoife embodies all that she is, a positive force. Together, Aoife and I will continue to make changes, not just in September - but for as long as I am living in this life.

My final words always go to Aoife.

Aoife - every breath is painful knowing you aren't here with me physically, all I can continue to be is your Mummy. Cancer will never stop us being Mummy and Daughter and this Mummy and Daughter win the war, the war on cancer.


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Margaret Sill
Margaret Sill
Jan 18, 2021

This is one of the saddest stories I have ever read, it's utterley disgusting to think those Doctors accused you. It's made me cry, how are you darling, please get in touch with me. I will donate, when I can afford.Xxxx

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