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Know the symptoms

Effie Pie

We finally set time aside this morning and tidied our tack room up. You and Bubbles have your own saddle rack and always will and Argy wears your name with total pride. You should be here with us...

... your little body was giving huge signs something sinister was happening inside. Your cancer shouldn't have been missed.

We are sharing your story to raise much needed Germ Cell awareness both within the medical community and the wider parents community.

Childhood constipation is common, but it is also a HUGE indicator something else is going on inside. If your child has constipation, question your GP and don't stop until you are completely satisfied.

Make sure you know the symptoms of childhood cancer because if it can happen to our normal little family...

Aoife - your justice is coming and as long as I'm stuck in this life, I wont stop, the warriors will fight with me for you. We will make sure we do our best to stop what happened from happening again.

Love you Pie, I'm so proud of you. Your Mummy xxxxxxx

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