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This is reality. This is Effie's bro waiting for her to come and play. They should still be together.

We met as strangers and love made us family, then, now and forever and ever.

Know the symptoms, feel empowered and challenge your health care providers if you aren't satisfied. I was told Effie was just constipated, when infact she had a huge secondary tumour on her liver blocking her bowel. Germ Cell Cancer throws off huge tumour markers... what would have given Effie a fair chance? A blood test. Instead of those we trust prescribing her, unbeknown to me at the time, the equivalent of adult dose laxatives.

As always - Effie my final words are for you.

Tomorrow, you have a skydiver flying for you, yesterday you had your Uncle dressed as Queen Elsa for you and last weekend we climb mountains as princesses with you. I know you can see the monumental changes you are making, we wont stop until everyone knows your story so that Germ Cell Cancer stands less chance of ever doing this again.

All my love, Your Mummy xxxxxxx

💜Photo is shared with permission💜

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