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Sky Diving

Our amazing flying angel that is Megan done our Effie so proud. A day talking all about Effie and watching you fly for her was just simply incredible.

We have made huge steps getting our Germ Cell information printed and ready to be distributed.

We are making huge plans for our children fighting cancer.

We have HUGE plans in the pipeline.

None of this would have been possible without you all supporting Aoife. I wish, so hard, Germ Cell Cancer was still a stranger. But, for my Queen, we will honour her everyday and we will make sure your story is heard so you save lives.

Effie - I hold all my tears in when I'm holding your flag and cheering everyone on for you. But my heart is breaking. You should be here. We love you more than words could possibly say but I will not stop. Not ever.


YOUR Mummy xxxxxxx

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