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Southend 10k

Nicky and Ade absolutely smashed it today. I am truly over come by emotion, I'm so honoured that these amazing people (who I'm lucky enough to now call family) did this in honour of my little Effie.

Once these heroes had crossed the finish line, my phone went. A truly lovely race watcher had seen our jumpers for Aoife and have now also read about our no. 1 hero. Aoife's story is being heard all the time, which means our very own Queen Elsa will save lives. She sent me this truly beautifully timed photo of Team Aoifesbubbles cheering on our runners. My heart is full of pride.

Aoife- you will always ALWAYS be my hero, brave beyond words without an ounce of complaining. We promised you Germ Cell Cancer would wish is hadn't started its war with you because you have the strongest army of warriors fighting hard for you now, for your justice and for education and awareness of Germ Cell Cancer. I wore your jumper today with more than pride, I never want to take it off.

We love you Effie Pie Queen Elsa. With all our love (but especially me 🤭)

Team Aoifesbubbles and your Mummy xxxxxxx

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1 Comment

Veronica D
Veronica D
Sep 20, 2021

Very nice posst

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