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Can I really start by saying a huge thank you for everyone who is throwing their support behind Aoife's Bubbles, for their time, expertise, platforms, love, donations and kindness. I also want to be 100% transparent as I think it is really important that as a family we have not taken any money for any of Aoife's publications. I just want to make sure that is out there, we would like justice and that justice is change. Positive change, recognition Aoife was failed but to make changes in her name so she can be a real life superhero and ultimately save young lives.

We honestly can not believe the instant reaction Aoife's story got, to be honest - we were wholeheartedly overwhelmed. My Queen Elsa just looks so beautiful, but we wish the story wasn't there to be told. That she is physically at home with us, that we were going about our normality. Or even helping her through her treatment, there isn't anything we wouldn't have done for her.

Once we arrived at GOSH, Aoife experienced nothing but the best. Germ Cell Cancer was a shock to us, we had never ever heard of this particular cancer and this is what we would like to help change. To educate, so parents also know.

If caught early enough the survival rate for children with germ cell tumours is 93% (taken from the children with cancer website). So early diagnosis is key.

As ever my final words are too my Queen.

Aoife, I am so proud of you. I never needed you to do anything to make me proud, I just am. You are still touching the world, you are still leaving footprints and you are still our best friend. There isn't 1 second where I don't think of you, you have given me the courage in the darkest, bleakest times to still put one foot in front of the other and take calming breaths and continue to make you proud. No matter what, I will always be your Mummy, then, now and forever and ever.

With all my love and more and more and more.

Mummy xxxxxxx

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