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The first post

The first post in our fight for justice. For Aoife, for change.

It has been taking me a while to decide what to write for Aoife's Bubbles first post, I keep going back and forth but feel, like anything to do with Aoife this one has to come from the heart.

For those of you who don't know me, Hello! I am Aoife's Mummy, Eilish. I have started this page as a means to get Aoife's story out there, so let me introduce you to Aoife.

Aoife is my daughter.

Aoife passed away on the 7th July 2019 aged 3, following a short battle with an extremely rare cancer - Germ Cell Cancer to be precise. I miss my the love of my life more than I can put into words. There is nothing I can put here that covers the pain we feel as a family. This awful illness has destroyed me, my family and ripped my little girl away.

The time we had to comprehend Aoife's illness was extremely limited and to be honest cruel, but Aoife is so much more and still has untold amounts to give to the world and so many changes to make. So much so, I couldn't possibly fit them all onto my first post.

We are starting a charity in Aoife's name, Aoife's Bubbles. One of Aoife's many loves is her miniature Shetland Bubbles, so she just had to feature to help spread Aoife's love and joy! The charity is going to aim to bring as much awareness and education to not only the medical profession but to families, like ours, who had no idea Germ Cell Cancer even existed. There is no other charity registered that supports Germ Cell Cancer in children, all be it a rare cancer, but a very real one. Aoife's illness was sadly misdiagnosed several times, which drives me to make huge changes.

So this is our starting point.

We do have so many more aims and want to help and provide for as many children who are fighting cancer and their families, to bring moments of joy, comfort and respite.

I really would like to say, the hugest, biggest thanks to GOSH at this starting point. This place will always have a huge hold over my heart, what a truly remarkable corner of the world filled with the most truly amazing people who have become a massive part of Aoife's journey.

Also, the warmest thanks to everyone who has already donated. Every penny is appreciated. 100% of funds donated are staying within the charity, so every penny is going directly to the cause.

Please could I ask you all to like & share so Aoife's story can be heard and give her charity the best start. I promise not only anyone who reads this, but Aoife - I won't stop ever. We will continue to spread Aoife's joy through her Bubbles now and forever.

Please could I ask you to like and share our page, it really means so much knowing we have a world of support and love. It means we can, somehow, take one small step at a time.

Lastly, to you Aoife - the most beautiful person I have ever seen and will ever see. Your spirit knows no limits, your courage was a match for a lion and your beauty can't be put into words. I love you to infinity, I miss you more than any words can describe. I won't stop, no matter how tough this is - you deserve everything and more.

Love you always, Mummy xxxxxxx

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