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Mehlyk £1 to save a 4year olds life

No child should ever face cancer. No Mother, Father, Sister or Brother should face the prospect of life without their family together, simply because cancer treatment wasn't available or funded. 

Mehlyk has Neuroblastoma, he has been given 6-8 weeks to live. 

There is hope and that hope is in Barcelona. Where treatment is available at the cost of £250,000. 

Mehlyk's family have been fundraising and crowdfunding has proved amazing, but we need to keep going. 

You can donate direct to Mehlyk's fight via 

Alternatively, please use the donate now link at the bottom of this page. 

Aoife's Bubbles are fully aware of the extra costs the family are facing once in Barcelona, we will continue to fund raise to ensure accommodation is paid for, for the family, in Barcelona, so anything the family have raised can be dedicated to Mehlyk's treatment costs. Anything over the accommodation costs which we raise will be given to Mehlyk's family to use for his treatment and medical costs. Please use the donate now button at the bottom of this page to continuing supporting Aoife's Bubbles Charity or payments can be sent to (marked with Mehlyk as payment ref) 

Barclays Bank

Aoifes Bubbles 

Sort Code: 20-19-97

Account: 23872327

Ref: Mehlyk

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