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Aoife's Bubbles

Fighting Children's Cancer Together

The UK's only Childhood Cancer charity dedicated to raising awareness of Germ Cell Cancer in children. 
Registration number: 1191761

Providing acts of joy to children and their families affected by childhood cancer as a whole.

What is Aoife's Bubbles?

Aoife Flanagan was born on 21st January 2016. True to her name, Aoife was a genuine 'warrior princess', beating meningitis at 6 weeks of age. Aoife recovered remarkably and went on to live a full life, with Mummy Eilish, Mummy's horse Argy and Aoife's pony Bubbles.


On 2nd July 2019, Aoife was finally diagnosed with Germ Cell cancer after months of GP and hospital visits. 


On 7th July 2019 at 02.15 am, Aoife passed away - aged just 3. 


We are the UK's only registered childhood Germ Cell cancer charity. We want to raise as much awareness and educate as many people as possible about the symptoms, diagnosis and effect of this disease. We also aim to change national childhood cancer diagnosis times by raising much needed childhood cancer awareness as a whole and ending the stigma childhood cancer is rare. We want to educate the medical community and empower parents with vital childhood cancer information, in particular Germ Cell cancer. This will, without a doubt - save young lives.

We are also in talks with The Institute of Cancer Research to fund vital research into the genetics of solid tumours. Please stayed tuned for more information - or visit the help us section to donate.


We are also providing acts of joy to children and their families affected by childhood cancer, as well as supporting families who, like us, children have passed away.


Aoife's Cancer Journey
What is Germ Cell cancer?
How you can help

About Aoife

Aoife was born on 21st January 2016.

This is Aoife's story

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