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It is with the heaviest of hearts that I am even having to write this tab, I am so sorry the world is poorly. But together, this is something we can all overcome. 


This time is going to be full of anxiety for not only the families we support but the childhood cancer community as a whole. 


We are working still, from home, to provide support for children in active treatment and to ensure they can get to their appointments safely and also to continue bringing hope and joy to them, and their families from Aoife. 


We ask you stay as safe as possible and keep the vulnerable in your thoughts through this time, but also after the fact - as isolation is something all cancer parents have to consider.  

We are finding new creative ways to continue fundraising - please check our events page and we have taken measures by postponing certain events. 

Please do email us with anything, if we can't help we can certainly point you in the right direction. 

As ever, our love is with Aoife, the children with her and the children here fighting for their lives. 

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