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Best friends

Tonight, it just feels so right to talk about Aoife and her best friends.

I think it is really important that the whole of Aoife’s story is heard and not just the sad, not just the end – but the whole fun filled 3 and a half years we jam packed so much fun into.

Aoife is an excellent judge of character, she had no problem in letting you know how she felt. Which I truly and utterly adore, the thing about Aoife is she loves so hard. She is the type of girl who you want as your friend, loyal, trustworthy, funny (really, really funny), truthful and kind.

Aoife loves her best friends so much. Delilah (11) and Arabella (18 months), Jaxon (3), Betsy Boo (2) and Naomi (2). This is probably one of the toughest posts I am writing, trying to find the words. How can we look at them and even try to explain what has happened to Effie?

These young lives made a huge impact on Effie’s life and the memories they have all made together are priceless, what is heart breaking, is there should be many more.

Thank you for making Aoife’s life so fun and special, thank you for sharing and making memories with her. I invite you to share your memories with Aoife here, so everyone can hear about what a fun little red head Effie is and that cancer is something terrible which happened to her, but not something which defines her.

The whole movement of Aoife’s Bubbles is also to provide for those affected by childhood cancer; these young faces have had their cousin, their sister and their best friend taken away from them. Aoife’s Bubbles Charity wants to help these young people, and many more, to enjoy time with their time with their fighter.

Not only did the Dr’s who came into contact with Aoife, prior to her admission to Great Ormond Street, catastrophically fail Aoife, they failed these beautiful young people. I continue to ask you to support Aoife’s Bubbles to bring huge change, one which every young life deserves. Please share her page, please visit her website and please talk about her, please tell your friends and family that constipation is a common childhood ailment but not to be "fobbed off" by the people we trust the most. Germ Cell Cancer is rare in children, but it is very very real.

As ever, my final words are to Aoife.

Aoife, I sit here looking at your picture. I know you hear what I say. I will always hear your tiny voice, see your funny little cheeeeese face and feel your hand in mine. I am always with you, you are always with me. You define best friend, not just too me but to all your friends. You are the ray of sunshine on the darkest day.

Forever and ever will we all, always love you. That will never ever go away. Love Mummy, Delilah, Arabella, Jaxon, Betsy Boo and Naomi. xxxxxxx

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